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Thanks to its simple installation, without the need for construction and maintenance-free, you can have a point of light wherever you want without power consumption. SMART OPERATION

The sun's radiation is captured through the photovoltaic solar panels, transforming it into electrical energy, which is stored in the batteries during the day. When it is night, the system automatically turns on thanks to a built-in twilight sensor. In addition, in some models a presence sensor is incorporated which, when it detects movement, illuminates 100% of its light power, reducing it to 20-30% when it does not detect it, thus increasing the autonomy of the batteries.

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    <p>Range of intelligent and autonomous LED solar luminaires, at the service of safety and orientation of the environment without light pollution. The luminaire integrates photovoltaic panel, high capacity battery, charge controller and LED optical group. Simple mounting on any standard column, with a variable inclination of the panel in road models for greater use of sunlight.</p> <div id="gtx-trans"> <div class="gtx-trans-icon"></div> </div>
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    <p>Solutions that emphasize heights and textures minimizing the visibility of intelligent and autonomous LED Solar luminaires</p>
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Solar Lamppost ILU100 / 10

Reference: ILU100/10W840

Solar Lamppost ILU100 / 10 with 3 modalities working method through the remote control. Working time may vary depending on the weather, the season,...