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LED products

LED products

Ilumax is distinguished by offering high quality LED lighting products with maximum savings and competitive prices. We are committed to technological trends, we invest in innovation and development.

Despite having one of the most extensive catalogs in the market in LED lighting, our purchasing department will get to work in order to get the product you need, at the best price, with the best quality and in a unbeatable delivery time.

  • View Lineales LED
  • View LED wall light
    <p>Residential LED wall lights with one or double light emission to achieve visual uniformity in the space. Various finishes and sizes available for added versatility.</p>
  • View LED downlight
    <p>LED downlight light body of different powers to facilitate combinations in each space, surface or recessed. Within the range we have Driver compatible with the different types of regulation available.</p>
  • View LED ceiling lights
    <p>Intelligent LED ceiling light with Emergency light, with Merrytek wall or ceiling sensor with integrated LED module. You will find all the alternatives for the different lighting applications.</p>
  • View LED outdoor ceiling lights
    <p> Outdoor LED panels designed to solve the needs of the market, thus offering the best service to our customers. </p>
  • View LED panels
    <p>LED panels with high visual comfort UGR &amp; lt; 19, with glare control according to UNE EN 12464-1. LED panel that adapts to your circadian cycles, Human Centrix Lighting. Latest technology in microprisms to redirect light evenly across large luminous areas.</p>
  • View Sensors
    <p>Motion sensors as presence. In addition to PIR technology, there are detectors that incorporate luminosity sensors or photocells allowing their operation depending on the ambient luminosity.</p>
  • View LED linear displays
    <p> Linear LED screens with aesthetic design designed to be an integral part of the space. Long service life, excellent energy savings and low heat generation. </p>
  • View Mini multi-purpose LED strips
    <p>Mini multi-purpose LED strips we have all the alternatives for different lighting applications. Miniaturization, color quality, energy efficiency and high visual comfort are exclusive features.</p>
  • View LED strips
    <p>Flexible LED strip for ambient, interior and exterior decorative lighting. Easy installation in continuous line and by sections. Possibility of regulating the light intensity.</p>
  • View Watertight Screens
    <p>Watertight screens of excellent performance with high thermal management, optimized with top quality materials that guarantees robustness and reliability in extreme conditions.</p>
  • View LED bells
    <p>LED bells solution for high altitude areas with long service life, excellent energy savings and low heat generation.</p>
  • View LED projectors
    <p>LED projectors that include powers of 10W up to 200W, consult higher powers. Very robust body made of aluminum and high IP65 tightness. High power in LED that guarantees the amortization of the investment. The highest demands in sports lighting.</p>
  • View LED streetlights
    <p> LED streetlights solutions whose function is to signal areas of pedestrian traffic, environmental obstacles, delimit or beautify. Lighting at the service of security and orientation of the environment without light pollution. </p>
  • View LED Track Lights
    <p>LED spotlights Rail creates points of visual attraction. Generate modeling with high contrast. Boosts the presentation of the product and increases the visual comfort of the environment.</p>
  • View LED tubes
    <p> LED tubes offer both solutions of maximum energy efficiency, and maximum luminous flux, in addition to having different sizes and color temperatures, with the option of rotating cap or T5 tube solutions. </p>
  • View Led lamps
    <p>LED lamp direct replacement of conventional technology, ideal for general lighting applications. Available in a variety of sizes and powers. Economic solution Excellent energy savings and high life.</p>

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LED Downlight K Round 3W

Reference: DLERB3W/865

Round LED downlight with high quality finishes. Perfect for energy saving, you will achieve maximum performance and durability of your luminaire.
18W round LED downlight

Reference: DLRB18W/840

Round LED downlight with high quality finishes. Perfect for energy saving, you will achieve maximum performance and durability of your luminaire.