UGR19 LED-T panel 30x120cm 52W 4000K 295x1195x9mm -PLTUK52W30/84 -LED panels
  • UGR19 LED-T panel 30x120cm 52W 4000K 295x1195x9mm -PLTUK52W30/84 -LED panels

UGR19 LED-T panel 30x120cm 52W 4000K 295x1195x9mm


UGR LED-T panel <19 prevents annoying glare

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UGR LED-T Panel <19 The superior quality of LED lighting is closer and more accessible today thanks to a revolutionary product such as the UGR LED-T Panel <19, which offers the ideal light for offices, hospitals, health centers health, shops, hotels, schools and institutes. Natural light LEDs generate high quality lighting with high color reproduction CRI <80, high performance and maximum energy efficiency. With Driver "Flicker Free" without optical flickering. Its diffuser ensures a homogeneous light output, ensuring at all points the glare factor UGR <19, providing greater visual comfort. In addition to the practical advantages, it complies with the EN 12464 standard for lighting offices, classrooms and similar areas: UGR level reduced below what is stated in the regulations (<19). Illuminance on the computer screen below 3000 cd / m2 for angles greater than 65º. Immediate ignition It can be used with presence sensors for greater savings and multiple regulation options available. Good aesthetic result that is obtained by installing these luminaries of very fine design. Its installation can be in a removable suspended ceiling, to install in a false ceiling the panel needs the recessed kit and to be installed in a ceiling you need the surface kit or the suspension kit. 120º angle of light. Available in cold white 6500K, neutral white 4000K and warm white 3000K. IP20 indoor use only. A + energy efficiency. 25,000 hours of useful life. 2 years warranty.


Data sheet

Power (W)
LED quantity
Nominal Lumens
Luminous flux
Voltage (V)
Hertz (Hz)
Opening angle
120 °
Life (hours)
> 25,000
Energy efficiency
A +
Working area temperature (ºC)
-20 to 40
Warranty (years)
Master boxes
Menor 19


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The industrial sector is characterized by high altitudes and in LED lighting, there is a wide range of products with elevated power, long life and use of the entire luminous flux, elements that represent a drastic reduction in maintenance costs. LED technology in industrial lighting is the most profitable investment.



Good lighting is the key to optimum working environment. If we add the savings achieved by changing to LED technology, we get the best choice for offices and creative spaces.


Commercial spaces

Shops, supermarkets, shopping centers ... They all understand the lighting importance in presenting their products. Adequate intensity, decorative appearance and maximum efficiency are key aspects.



Car parkings require a reliable lighting and low consumption since the areas to be illuminated are very often large and the burn periods are long. Also they often need sensor detectors to ensure the safety of its users.



LED lighting technology offers solutions that help creating comfortable environment for guests and reducing lighting expensures. We can choose between different color temperatures and different opening angles to illuminate the different spaces successfully with a tailored solution.


Neighboring communities

Energy savings in a community of neighbors, especially in the illumination of public areas with permanent lighting, allow to invest in other community improvements that will enhance the quality of life for residents. Each bulb or fixture represents an opportunity for savings up to 90% by changing the traditional fluorescent bulbs for LED lights.


Sport courts

Sports facilities need excellent lighting performance, modern and components that ensure low power consumption. The best option is to have LED lighting latest generation.



For our home we always want the best, and about lighting, LED technology offers high efficiency, long life, latest design and easy maintenance. The best solution for your family.

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